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International Ecological Design Services

International Ecological Design Services

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SouthWoods Design supplies site assessment,ecosystem restoration,

Molokai LAnd Use Restoration

and ecological design. Our scale is of work is

applied to villages, homesteads, farms and entire ecosystems for ecological restoration. All across North America and the  tropics, SouthWoods has designed living systems for residential and commercial food production. A complete ecologically based strategy supporting long-term harvest and resilience. We supply the expertise for your future prairie oasis, dry land sanctuary, or cold climate paradise. Call us or fill out the inquiry on the contact page.

International projects have brought important information and insight to our ecological design. Extreme climates need deep thought, research, and strategies suited to the environment and culture. I bring our design experience to these remote sites and return with new strategies for all the diverse conditions we have here in the USA.

International and Professionally Accredited Permaculture Design for Residential, Homestead, and Broad Acre Systems

Building Capacity in Soil, Water and Plant Systems for Designers, Families, Neighborhoods, and Community.





North American Site Assessment and Design

USA: Minnesota, Texas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi, California, Oregon, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Idaho, Canada - Ontario, Costa Rica - Turrialba and La Fortuna

Current International Consulting & Projects:

Ecological Restoration Camp       Spain

AFENBO Village Design                Haiti

Deing's Demonstration Farm        Senegal

Fleri Farm Restoration                   Haiti
Mubaraka Farm                              Saudi Arabia                           Ecosystem Restoration                         Sanai Penninsula                                Hope Foundation                           South Africa                                       Fumba Town                                   Zanzibar  Molokai                                            Hawaiian Islands

Integrated Forest Gardening (Click here to order)

  The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems

I am excited to offer this new book that explains and details the design process I use to build polycultures and design the edible landscape. What ever the climate or setting, the desigb strategy will guide your solutions for abundance. Step by step instructions and 15 polyculture examples. Get out the highlighter and fill the margins with notes. It will bring your desire for a sustainable food forest to harvest.

"Integrated Forest Gardening fills a major gap in the canon of permaculture books, giving us, at last, a detailed guide to guild and polyculture design. No longer is this subject mysterious and daunting; in this book we now have specific instructions for designing and installing multi-species plant groups. Chapter 7, which describes 15 guilds and their plant members, is a golden nugget worth the price of the book alone. This is an essential book for all food foresters and ecological designers."
—Toby Hemenway, Author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

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