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    Backyard Orchards and Woodland Harvests

    Food forests and forest gardening bring together the best ecological systems that allow us sustainable, low input, and high-yield harvests.  Forests and woodlands exist in almost every climate to some extent. In temperate northern climates, tropical climates, or coastal setting,  we have the best resources and environment for a wide selection of plants and trees.  This forest gardening presentation will focus on site assessment, resilient plant systems, poly-culture design, and assembling the best species suited for each participant’s property.

    Join us in building natural capital by designing polyculture resources into our landscape.

    Design your landscape working with nature. Our ecological landscape is filled with possibilities. Locked in the urban lot, fields, or broad acres may be the means to sustain an abundant lifestyle for growing food, collecting fresh rain water for drinking and reducing dependence on purchased resources. This series will unlock the ecological capital that abounds within the landscape and the neighborhood that surrounds it. Participants will be taught the skills and foresight needed to assess, concept and design a property into a perpetual harvest garden.  Learn ecological landscape design language and technique while using the permaculture design process to create a ecologically resilient residence and harvest abundant landscape. Small intensive design classes are limited to 20 participants each session. Register early. Classes will be held weekly with on-line resources available for self paced instruction. See details below. Any module can be taken individually, however the series is a progressive learning format building from all sessions.

    The series will culminate with each participant completing a technical design ready for implementation. Make sure you keep time available off-line to complete the assignments. Students working on a personal design for their property should purchase the site assessment workbook 2 weeks prior to the class.

    Class 1- 4 are 3 hour lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions with extensive homework assignments (4-5 hrs)
    Class 5 is a  LIVE design workshop finishing the concepts with plants, materials, and final critique.

    Day 1 Homestead Design I: Base Plan and Homestead Site Assessment    
    Day 2   Homestead Design II: Permaculture Concepts for the Sustained Homestead
    Day 3   Homestead Design III: The Design Progression 
    Day 4   Homestead Design IV: Concept and Draft Design Workshop
    Day 5   Homestead Design V: Final Design and Supervised Work Session

    Call SouthWoods for sponsoring a design series at your location.  612-720-5001  

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